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Department of History - Dulles Hall.


Alumni & Friends World War II Tour of Italy- May 2016

The Department of History's Alumni & Friends Tour of World War II sites in Italy is scheduled for May 17-28, 2016. This new itinerary will begin in Palermo (on Sicily); stop at battlefields, landing beaches, cemeteries, and other markers of World War II and its enduring impact; and conclude near Lake Garda, which generally marked the battlefront between U.S. and German forces when the war ended in May 1945. A professional guide will accompany the group at all sites and faculty hosts Peter Hahn and Peter Mansoor will provide expert background talks and answers on the military, political, and social features of the war.

For further information, please visit the itinerary page.

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History

Alumni & Friends World War II Tour - July 2015

The Department of History's Fourth Alumni & Friends Tour of World War II sites in Europe was July 11-19/25, 2015. The main tour began in London on July 11, included extensive time inspecting the landing beaches of Normandy, and wrapped up in Brussels on July 19. An optional extension tour began with a flight to Krakow on July 19 and concluded in Berlin on July 24.

For further information, please visit the itinerary page. Questions may be directed to Professor David Steigerwald, or 614-292-7014.

"The WWII tour sponsored by Ohio State University's History Department was a trip of a lifetime for both my husband and myself. Walking the beaches of Omaha and Utah we were filled with awe at the enormity of what our troops faced as they landed at Normandy. The briefings provided by OSU's phenomenal history professors, Peter Hahn, Peter Mansoor and David Steigerwald, brought history to life and gave us a renewed appreciation for the "Greatest Generation." The emotional highlight was visiting the Normandy Cemetery and placing roses at the headstones of fallen OSU warriors. We will never forget this wonderful experience and all who made it possible."

- Jane Fawcett Hoover, 2012 tour participant

"I've always wanted to learn more about WWII. Growing up, you often learn about it as part of your curriculum and through oral story telling from the people who were there. This tour was the ultimate learning experience because it provided a detailed and expanded view of the WWII."

- Susan Brown, 2011 tour participant

"My wife, Sue Henry, and one of my OSU classmates and roommates, Rick Stern and his wife Karen, spent a magical week plus on the OSU tour of the beaches at Normandy and other iconic sites from World War II.  The tour had a perfect blend of intellectualism, with three OSU faculty members providing expert analysis and context for the places we visited, but each having a somewhat different perspective on the history.  And there was an equal part of just fun being with fellow alums as we walked in the footsteps of the soldiers who went from London to Normandy to Paris and on to Berlin.  Without question the US cemetery at Normandy was the most emotional as we visited the graves of the soldiers who had either graduated from OSU or whose attendance at the University was interrupted permanently by the war.  My only regret for the trip was that I had not stuffed my pockets with buckeyes before we left to lay on the markers of those brave soldiers to honor them in a special way. In sum, it was an unforgettable trip that I hope many more of my fellow alums have the opportunity to enjoy in the future."

 - Carter Phillips, 2012 tour participant

Alumni & Friends World War II Tour photo.

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